Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs 2022: The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

2022-12-08 22:19:05 By : Mr. Bob Lu

Most pup parents want to find the comfiest bed for their furry best friend, and bigger dogs need special considerations: The best dog beds for large dogs will be roomy for sprawling and supportive for joints. As a dog mom with an eight-year-old, 55-pound Shar Pei/Lab mix named Luna (yes, she’s as cute as she sounds), I’ve come to love the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed—and Luna has, too. This memory foam dog bed has a winning combination of support, size options and features for a great price. It’s one of the best dog beds on the market, especially for bigger breeds.

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is one of the best dog beds for large dogs thanks to its supportive ... [+] memory foam and bigger size. Retractable Awning

Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs 2022: The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Luna is my most loyal companion, rarely leaving my side during my work (from home) day. She was our kid before my husband and I, you know, had a kid. Needless to say, her comfort and health is always a priority. And although her inner puppy emerges with the toss of a tennis ball, now that she’s reached middle age, it’s especially important that she snuggle up in a bed that offers cushioning and support for her joints.

After considering other options, I chose the PetFusion and couldn’t be happier. The bed is made of memory foam and features pillowy bolsters where Luna can rest her head. The cover is made with a tough canvas-like material, and although my pooch isn’t a chewer, the material has held up to sharp dog claws, several washings and nightly use over the past year. As the “good” dog bed in the house, we keep it in our bedroom so Luna can enjoy its body-contouring benefits all night. Plus, she loves resting her head on the plush bolster.

The bed's bolsters are a perfect place for pups to rest their heads...or paws.

The PetFusion bed is thoughtfully designed with both creature and human comfort in mind. Admittedly, I have not tried the bed myself (although my toddler son has), but I appreciate how easy it is to clean. The memory foam insert is encased in a waterproof cover to protect it from potty mishaps or a dripping dog coming in after a romp in a rainstorm. In contrast, Luna’s old foam bed—from a top outdoor brand, mind you—wasn’t waterproof. When we took off the cover, the foam insert was covered in mold. The PetFusions cover is easy to remove and wash, and putting it back together isn’t a struggle.

If you happen to have a dog (or cat) that tends to overheat, I also recommend PetFusion’s Premium Cooling Blanket. This thing is amazing—it feels cool to the touch and washes effortlessly. We drape it over Luna’s bed to add a chilling effect on hot days. As a bonus, the blanket helps keep the bed itself just a little bit cleaner.

PetFusion's Premium Cooling Blanket helps keep Luna comfortable on warmer days.

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is available in three colors and four sizes: small, large, extra-large and extra-large jumbo. The large costs around $120—at 36 x 28 inches, it’s the ideal size for most medium- to large-size dogs—and it’s more affordable than many other high-end dog beds on the market. We love our furry friends at Forbes Vetted and have tons of pet products to recommend beyond dog beds, too.

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Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs 2022: The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

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