How Crafted Chaos Transforms a $56.6 Million Florida Headquarters | Architect Magazine

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To understand how crafted chaos serves the architect’s vision, let your eyes wander to the top of the new Jabil global headquarters atrium in St. Petersburg, Fla.

You’ll see how a dash of disruption generates unexpected charm and artistry for a wow-factor lobby. Aluminum Composite Panel Ceiling

How Crafted Chaos Transforms a $56.6 Million Florida Headquarters | Architect Magazine

The $56.6 million, 170,000-square-foot Jabil global headquarters was designed by Gensler’s Tampa office. The radial-shaped structure, clad in glass and metal panels, presents a monochromatic exterior. The subdued look is continued inside with “pops of color and geometry that aligns with the Jabil brand,” explains Gensler project architect Chuck Berg.

For example, a cascading chandelier of illuminated triangles (a Jabil logo element) doubles as a playful mobile. “The floating triangles extend down from the 50-foot-high ceiling height to about 12 feet from the floor,” Berg says. “The lights are designed to engage occupants at all four atrium skywalks.”

The triangle array leads the viewer to the companion in crafted chaos, the ceiling system. “The ceiling system was proposed very early on,” Berg recalls. “The Jabil team really liked the concept.”

The Multi-Box Continuous metal ceiling system from CertainTeed Architectural. To support the idea of crafted chaos, the panelized system features a randomized sequence of two- and six-inch wide metal panels. The recycled aluminum (up to 92%) construction is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. Multi-Box Continuous supports unlimited combinations of panel depths and widths, along with a variety of finishes including wood-veneer cladding. “The Jabil atrium ceiling system is made to order, as are all CertainTeed Architectural ceiling systems,” reports Jason Wisniewski, the project’s CertainTeed Architectural representative.

“The linear system works with the shape of the space and directs you to the lake out back,” Berg says. “We needed a ceiling system that was suspended, not framed. The atrium’s smoke exhaust system requires free areas around the panels. We also didn’t want to install sprinklers above and below the panels. The random panel arrangement avoids a predictable, repetitive pattern. The ceiling system had to do a lot of things at once.” Ceiling acoustics are controlled by perforations that create 23% open area on the face of linear planks as well as an acoustical backer behind the panels.

The one area of ceiling discussion was color. “We knew the backer would be black because of the panel gaps. As for the panels themselves, we went back and forth over white, colored stripes, or a warmer color, even a wood grain look. We ultimately circled back to white because it was consistent with the overall design aesthetic.” Berg says.

Today the crafted chaos of the Jabil headquarters is a dynamic counterpoint to the structure’s crisp, engineered rigor. “We didn’t want just a linear ceiling,” Berg says. “It needed to be a pattern … a pattern with play in it. Nothing boring. It had to be cost effective, too. We needed different ways to express design with affordable materials. Textures, patterns, and geometry helped us do that.”

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How Crafted Chaos Transforms a $56.6 Million Florida Headquarters | Architect Magazine

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