A New Phase of BOC Sciences Partnership Expansion Unlocked ...

2022-06-18 20:05:18 By : Mr. Rome Jia

As the grand hybrid event TIDES USA 2022 is drawing to a close, BOC Sciences is reviewing its gains there, particularly many instructive thoughts and comments collected from global researchers.

The in-person event TIDES USA 2022: Oligonucleotide & Peptide Therapeutics Conference was successfully concluded on May 12th, while the digital session is still ongoing. BOC Sciences dispatched a group of well-trained representatives to demonstrate its expertise in (bio)chemical manufacturing.

Its key products showcased this year are PseudoUridines & Phosphoramidites, Amino Acids & Peptides, Carbohydrates, Nucleosides & Nucleotides, and Phospholipids. All are essential materials in drug development. 'These products have gone through a constant optimization process before entering the market. Besides, we have made commitments that all orders will be handled with dedication to ensure final delivery of high quality and purity,' one of the directors from BOC Sciences said in the conversation with a visiting researcher.

BOC Sciences' confidence in its (bio)chemicals is not out of nowhere, which on the contrary, is deeply rooted in years of experience, continuous improvement in equipment and techniques, and above all, the spirit of professionalism.

What BOC Sciences mainly features:

l Product Upgrade: BOC Sciences displays versatility in product upgrade by further purification, lyophilization, chiral resolution, flash column chromatography, preparative HPLC, chiral HPLC, recrystallization, etc.

l Strict QA and QC: BOC Sciences has established a scientific, effective, and risk-based corrective and preventive measure system to keep the QC management at a desirable level. Additionally, QC data documentations such as COA are available in its database. Customers can freely access them by typing in the required CAS numbers.

l Packaging and Delivery: Ample flexibility is provided in packaging options, including mg to kg package sizes, compatible pack materials, and accurate weighing service. Most products are delivered at room temperature in corrugated boxes or with blue ice in insulated foam. Dry ice shipping, dangerous goods shipping, and temperature controlled shipping are also available upon request.

This is BOC Sciences' second attendance at the TIDES USA conference and will not be the last. The director said, 'We will continue active engagement in industrial events with the vision that our expertise is to be seen by a wider range of researchers and industry decision-makers.'

Will the director's vision be realized? The burst in the popularity of BOC Sciences at TIDES USA 2022 may say something.

BOC Sciences is an established (bio)chemical manufacturer and supplier headquartered in New York. With a dedicated team of doctoral-level experts, BOC Sciences has launched many critical ingredients for drug development, such as PseudoUridines & Phosphoramidites, Amino Acids & Peptides, Carbohydrates, Nucleosides & Nucleotides, and Phospholipids.

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