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It is estimated that 2.8% of the adult population in the world suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Please note that this is only the number of people officially diagnosed with this disease.

The actual number may be more. Chances are, if you take the self-assessment ADHD test, you may find that even if you check most of these boxes. What makes ADHD so popular?

There may be many causes for ADHD. Although scientists believe that this is mainly genetics, it is still a very nascent field of research. There may be more reasons. For example, it has recently been discovered that drinking alcohol even during pregnancy may be a cause. Same as above for smoking.

However, there is a more pressing issue that needs to be resolved. This is the use of stimulants to treat ADHD. In this case, the first line of treatment is Adderall. If you are reading this article, you already know what Adderall is and how it works. But some readers may regard this information as carers of close relatives.

Therefore, we will introduce Adderall and why it is one of the most abused drugs in the world. Please stay tuned, because we will also share with you some of the best and natural alternatives to Adderall.

We assure you that it is worth the wait.

What is Adderall and how does it work?

Adderall is the brand name of a synthetic drug used to treat ADHD. It is used as the first-line treatment for the condition. Only when Adderall does not work or causes dependence should other treatment options be considered.

It belongs to a class of chemicals called amphetamines. These chemicals are stimulants and work by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), which changes the levels of certain chemicals in the brain.

Therefore, you can focus on a task until your central nervous system is stimulated. Once the effect disappears, you may find it difficult to focus on the task anymore. Just like any other stimulant, Adderall also increases wakefulness. If you take a dose late at night, you may stay awake until early morning.

Now, it is easy to be abused for two reasons.

What are the side effects of abuse of Adderall?

What makes Adderall a dangerous drug for anyone who might be abused, because signs of abuse are hard to find.

It does not show obvious signs of addiction like traditional addicts. Adderall addicts can show a wide range of side effects and symptoms associated with them. Hyperactivity, talkative, excitement, extreme mood swings, depression, sudden weight loss, sleeping for a few hours at inconspicuous times.

Unless the person reveals that he has been overusing Adderall, most people will never find it. In extreme cases of abuse, people end up in the emergency room, and this chemical may even permanently change their brain chemicals.

If you log on to Reddit or other message boards, there will be a complete subreddits dedicated to helping Adderall addicts to get rid of the habit and regain a new life.

What is the best natural Adderall substitute?

Although we understand the appeal behind things like Adderall, the negative effects far outweigh the benefits. If there are safer and more natural options, why would you risk using synthetic chemicals that have the potential to permanently change the chemical composition of your brain?

We know that the general consensus is that Adderall cannot have natural alternatives, because there are no central nervous system stimulants in nature. But this is where you are wrong. Stimulating your central nervous system is not the only way to increase attention span. There are other biological mechanisms that can help reduce distraction and allow you to gain sharp attention.

This is what we are going to show you today.

Without further ado, here is our top Adderall alternative.

When we read about it in one of the largest publications on alternative medicines, Mind Lab Pro became the center of attention for the first time. Almost immediately, we thought this might be one of those over-the-counter supplements that produce a slight buzz in your brain and claim to be an alternative to Adderall.

But we sent an email to the brand and received a brochure with detailed information about the ingredients. We were pleasantly surprised to find that every known natural ingredient has a positive effect on brain function.

It is like a mixture of various natural herbs, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, and has been proven to improve attention span and general brain function. In addition, it also includes some recent discoveries that are not yet known in the industry.

What is Mind Lab Pro and how does it work? 

Mind Lab Pro is an all-natural nootropic supplement that can be sold over the counter. It is designed to help improve cognitive function, increase motivation, enhance motivation, increase creativity and increase retention.

In other words, it checked all the boxes Adderall boasted. But there are differences. Unlike Adderall’s synthetic stimulant ingredients, which are believed to cause permanent brain damage, the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are 100% safe.

In other words, even if you use Mind Lab Pro for 8-10 months in a trot, you will not feel that you have lost your memory. You will not feel depressed or have extreme mood swings.

In fact, the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro have neuroprotective effects. They amplify the production of neurotransmitters and increase the speed at which these transmitters transmit information to definitely enhance the function of the brain. But they will not play with dopamine levels. This means you will not become addicted to it.

What are the ingredients of Mind Lab Pro?

Although we are generally in awe of this formula, one of the things we like most about Mind Lab Pro is that it is stimulant-free. You will not suddenly collapse after a short buzz.

This is a very stable and stable attention span, consistent throughout the day.

As this formula shows, herbs are seriously underestimated because of their nootropic benefits. Mind Lab Pro contains four herbs.

Without a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals, no brain supplement can be complete. In Brain Lab Pro, you will get the following.

Cognizin is a concentrated form of citicoline or (CDP-choline), which is an endogenous compound that increases the rate of neuromembrane phospholipid production. It is currently being studied as an over-the-counter supplement to support the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Cognizin has many benefits, such as increased mental energy and concentration.

How is Mind Lab Pro better than Adderall?

If you haven't noticed, here is how.

What do customers say about Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro has first-class customer reviews on the Internet. This includes message boards, which are a gold mine of "real" customer reviews. It is currently recommended by some of the top critics in the "nootropic" industry.

There are many positive comments from stressed adults who find it impossible for technology and gadgets to invade their lives. In addition, many people who are obsessed with Adderall and Ritalin are now using Mind Lab Pro. This is enough for us.

You can get a one-month Mind Lab Pro for $69.00. The more you buy, the greater the discount. But what you need to understand is that this is not a synthetic drug that costs pennies. This is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that costs money.

In addition, the price is almost the same as most "premium brain supplements".

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Mind Lab Pro-final verdict

Try this! Can't recommend it. We are sure that even on the most stressful day, it can help you improve and maintain concentration. Most importantly, it is natural, so it will not cause any side effects of Adderall.

#2 – Performance Lab Nootropics – The Best Natural Adelaide Substitute

Performance Lab Nootropics is another series of supplements that have been on our watch list for some time. There are two reasons.

In addition, they also have Omega-3, prebiotics, macular degeneration vision supplements and MCT oil. In this article, we will mainly discuss Performance Lab Mind, whose nootropic supplements are positioned as natural Adderall alternatives in the market.

What is the performance laboratory puzzle mind?

Performance Lab Nootropics Mind is an all-natural brain health formula that can improve brain performance in the following aspects. It can improve memory, concentration, recall, ability to solve complex problems, response to stress, reaction time, listening skills, retention and mood.

We know that this is an exhaustive list. But the performance laboratory divides it into three types of physiological functions that it can achieve.

What are the ingredients of Performance Lab Nootropics Mind?

Opti Nutra may be the only brand in the world that grows its own ingredients. At first, we thought this was a peculiar way to announce their new "Selected Farm Sourcing" plan. But not only that.

Opti Nutra owns NutriGenesis®, a cutting-edge facility that cultivates vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the laboratory by simulating optimal conditions. The entire process is hydroponic and involves living single-celled organisms that produce these components.

In other words, you can rest assured that every ingredient in Mind is top-notch and produces consistent results. This may be the reason why Performance Lab Nootropics Mind has only four ingredients.

These four simple ingredients are all you need to match most of the results you get with Adderall.

How is Performance Lab Nootropics Mind different from Adderall?

In addition to the fact that it contains zero stimulants, here is an overview of the differences between Mind and Adderall, Ritalin, and most other CNS stimulants for ADHD.

How do customers rate Performance Lab Nootropics Mind?

Mind is one of the most popular nootropic supplements, not only welcomed by customers, but also by experts in the medical field. Some customers claim that their doctor recommended Mind to them. But we cannot verify this information.

A comment on Reddit caught our attention. It was created by a veteran who suffered from extreme hyperactivity in his childhood. After getting hooked on Adderall and a lot of other stimulants, he finally found Performance Lab Mind. He has been able to quit 70% of his stimulant use. This may not seem like much, but it is a huge difference. The best part is that he didn't notice any difference in his attention span when using Mind vs. Adderall.

The price of Performance Lab Nootropics Mind is only $49 a month. That is incredible value. If you purchase a 3-month supply, you can get a 1-month supply for free for only $147.00. This is our most valuable package.

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Conclusion-With a trustworthy track record and some of the best self-harvesting ingredients, Mind is definitely worth considering as a natural alternative to Adderall or Ritalin. Customer reviews are also top-notch.

#3 – Noo Cube – The best herbal alternative to Adderall

The last Adderall replacement we want to recommend is Noo Cube. Noo Cube is a relatively new name in the world of nootropic supplements. But the manufacturer Wolfson Berg has an excellent track record in health care products.

Some of their bodybuilding supplements have recently gained legendary status. In addition, we learned about a small unofficial test conducted on a group of overworked IT executives in Silicon Valley. These people may take 8-10 Adderall pills a day. Therefore, when they are asked to switch to natural supplements, most of them expect their performance to collapse.

On the contrary, there is no difference in the performance of most people. Some people's attention drops slightly. But this can also be attributed to withdrawal symptoms, instead of Noo cubes being called ineffective.

So, we decided to take a closer look. After all, we want to make sure that each product is carefully inspected under a microscope to remove potential synthetic additives from it. Fortunately, Noo Cube does not contain such content.

This is what we found.

What is Noo Cube and how does it work? 

Noo Cube is a nootropic supplement designed to improve the brain's ability to process information. It was originally designed for multitaskers who handle a million different tasks at work and at home.

But some of these ingredients are very effective in increasing memories and attention, so that it has begun to gain a lot of traction among ADHD people on Reddit, who have been trying Adderall's natural alternatives.

As expected, the news spread and Noo Cube became one of the most sought after supplements for ADHD.

When you take two capsules, Noo Cube will have a three-pronged effect on your brain. This is the recommended dosage.

The combination of these three effects is usually sufficient to resolve most ADHD symptoms. That's not all. Noo Cube also contains ingredients that protect the brain from cognitive decline.

What are the ingredients of Noo Cube?

This is a caffeine-free formula containing a mixture of 6 ingredients. Some of them, we have already introduced in the first two nootropics. Some have only been discovered recently, which makes them exciting to add to this list.

If you look closely, you will find that this is a very carefully selected mixture. There are precursors of acetylcholine. There are Bacopa monnieri. Oat Straw can promote oxidation. We have yet to see a more comprehensive brain that promotes the blending of ingredients.

No wonder Noo Cube has quickly become one of the best-selling supplements in the puzzle field.

How does Noo Cube compare to Adderall?

First of all, Adderall is nothing but a stimulant. This is effective, there is no denying it. But it is a drug with a very simple working mechanism. In contrast, Noo Cube appears to be a supplement with multiple benefits, each of which is scientifically proven.

This is an overview of why it may be a better choice than Adderall.

What do customers say about Noo Cube?

As we mentioned, Noo Cube is very popular in the puzzle community. People from all walks of life are now using it as a substitute for CNS stimulants.

Nursing staff also use it for relatives who are dealing with cognitive decline. Some of the best comments come from mentally exhausted students and media directors who think it is a good natural relaxant.

It can also help them through the most challenging working day without feeling exhausted at the end of the work.

Noo Cube is the cheapest of all natural Adderall alternatives. You can get a one-month supply for only $39.99. There are more discounts for bulk purchases. One thing we really like about Wolfson Berg is that they always guarantee their products.

In this case, Noo Cube enjoys a 67-day money-back guarantee. This means you can actually try the supplement for 67 days and then return it if it is not as effective as advertised. How good can it be?

Click here to see the latest discounted price of Noo Cube on the official website

This is a supplement to the multitasker. If you have difficulty handling a large number of tasks at work, please try Noocube. We believe you will not be disappointed. The comments are positive. These studies are convincing. It is a well-known brand and also has a warranty.

Tips for choosing the best Adderall alternative

When you log on to the Internet and look for nootropic supplements (also called "brain pills"), you will see a dizzying array of supplements in beautiful bottles.

Each claimed to have cracked the formula that made them a perfect substitute for Adderall. Some of the claims about these supplements sound very convincing.

The question you need to ask yourself is, how much can you trust? This is a deal. You must be careful. Just like any other health product industry, nootropics are an unscrupulous industry. The demand for these supplements is so great that every brand wants to get a share of the pie.

That's why we created this short guide, which will help you distinguish between valid and ineffective guides.

Usually, we will ask the customer to check the product label first. But in the case of Adderall alternatives, the brand occupies a central position. Let us explain why. Making brain supplements is an expensive business. It requires a lot of investment in the form of a research and development team. Must have research funding. Machines and warehouses are needed to ensure consistent quality. In some cases, brands like Opti Nutra will redouble their efforts and even grow their own ingredients. This gives you confidence that the product you are buying is safe and will work as advertised. In 2015, the supplement industry underwent a major cleanup, when the New York Attorney General rounded up supermarkets and pharmacies selling private-label supplements. As expected, the quality of the product was found to be below the standard. In many supplements, the product does not contain the content in the advertisement.

Do supplements labeled as Adderall substitutes contain any science-based ingredients that improve cognitive function? That's not all.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Adderall Alternatives

Many of the Adderall users we talked with wanted to quit doping permanently. But ADHD is a beast, not easy to tame. It is normal for people to be skeptical about natural alternatives to this serious disease.

Therefore, here is a short FAQ, which contains some of the frequently asked questions we received in the mail.

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